Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Software

A computerized maintenance management system optimizes the use of manpower, equipment, materials, and money to maintain the facilities and equipment that are the responsibility of the maintenance department. The CMMS system should provide for integrated processes giving the manager control over the maintenance of all facilities and maintainable equipment from acquisition to disposal. The following details the capabilities that may be included in a CMMS system:

Inventory Control - The CMMS tracks inventory movement such as items being moved in or out of inventory, or from one location to another. The module also has the capability for tracking of item vendors, location of items, item cost information, and the substitute or alternate items that can be used.

Work Order Tracking - A CMMS provides instant access to all of the information needed for detailed planning and scheduling, including work plan operations, labor, materials, tools, costs, equipment, blueprints, related documents, and failure analysis.

Work Management - The CMMS can specify which labor to apply to specific work orders and when. The module permits both work planning and dispatching. Each person's calendar availability would be considered when the assignments are made. The assignments would be created sequentially over the shift, filling each person's daily schedule with priority work for the craft.

Equipment Records - The CMMS keeps detailed records of each piece of equipment and related data such as bill of material, Preventive Maintenance (PM) schedule, service contracts, safety procedures, measurement points, multiple meters, inspection routes, specification nameplate data, equipment downtime, and related documentation.

Safety Plans - The CMMS allows for the definition of multiple safety plans for equipment and materials, and for the tracking of safety-related activities, such as: tracking hazards and hazardous materials for multiple equipment and locations; tracking ratings for health, flammability, reactively, contact, and Material Safety Data Sheets for hazardous materials; define tag IDs and lock-out/tag-out procedures for specific equipment and locations; and, associate safety plans to job plans.

Location Tracking - The CMMS can enter and track locations of equipment and organize these locations into logical hierarchies. Using operating locations allows for the tracking of equipment lifecycle history and provides the capability to track equipment performance.

Labor Resource Tracking The CMMS tracks records for all maintenance personnel, including their trade categories and labor rates in order to capture and track labor costs against any piece of equipment.

Preventive Maintenance - The CMMS may include a Preventive Maintenance (PM) program for generating work orders and job plans.

Utilities - The CMMS contains detailed information on utilities consumption, distribution, use, metering, allocation to users, and cost.

History - A CMMS contains the maintenance histories of the facilities and equipment. It would contain summaries of PM, repairs, rehabilitation, modifications, additions, construction, and other work affecting the configuration or condition of the items.

Purchasing - A CMMS may initiate the requisition of material against a work order and track the delivery and cost data of the item when the material arrives. The purchasing module may include many functions such as a vendor master catalog, invoicing, purchase orders, receiving, and request for quotations.

Facilities Maintenance Contracts - A CMMS includes information on maintenance contracts, including information on specifications, property, quality assurance, payment processing, delivery orders issued, and schedules.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - The CMMS can accumulate data for KPIs for use in evaluating the maintenance program. The maintenance management organization selects the metrics to utilize in establishing their goals and to measure progress.

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