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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

CRM Software provides three major functions:

Marketing - One key objective of the Marketing function of the CRM system is to generate sales related leads, which get converted into sales for the company. Lead management deals with processing leads by evaluating the genuineness of the information and tagging them as hot leads or cold leads. Marke

ting primarily deals with providing functionalities for long term planning and short term execution of marketing related activities within an organization.

Sales - The sales functionalities of the CRM system are focused on helping manage the pre-sales process better. Sales is responsible for regularly capturing key customer interactions and any leads or opportunities by organizing all the relevant data such as prospective customer, expected budget, total spending, products interested in, expected closing date, key players, important dates and milestones in one place.

Customer Service - Service related functionalities are focused on: Managing customer service; Providing first and second level support to Customers; Avoiding issues related to warranties; Avoiding issues related to non-conformity of SLA (Service Level Agreements)

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